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The Changing Nature of Facebook Marketing

  Recently, Jason SurfrApp (formerly Headsetsdotcom, formerly Sadler), had a wonderful post on Facebook about its changing nature and role in the marketing mix.  Jason gained fame through his company “I Wear Your Shirt,” where he wore a different sponsor company’s

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Big News from MM+M

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Most Successful Client Profile

  Many people have come to me and asked what kind of clients are best suited to working with Majewski Marketing & Media.  …Is there a specific industry which I’m trying to reach or niche I’m trying to “mine.” I’ve

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Filming on a “set”

Recently, I worked with on of my favorite clients, Alisun Abbott Style, to film a video for her on a “set.”  This exciting as it was a first time for me on a set…if you can call it that. The

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On Being Called A Spammer

I was recently called out as a “spammer” on Twitter.  Let me tell you how all this went down. I’ve volunteered at meetings of Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-St. Paul for a couple years now.  I’ve helped set up, tear down, worked the

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Regarding Blogging

I’ve never liked the idea of blogging — for myself. I like reading blogs.  I’ve learned lots of interesting and useful things from other people’s blogs.  I think the Internet — and this world — has benefited greatly from blogs.

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