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Video by Zulu Alpha Kilo.  Presented without comment.  

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‘Baseball Cards’ for client meeting [TBT]

A few years ago, I was working at Thomson Reuters in West Academic.  “WA” published law school textbooks (casebooks) and study aids under imprints (brands) that any law school student would recognize:  West, Foundation Press, Nutshells, Hornbooks, Acing Series, Law

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Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. — Or what I learn about social media success from Better Call Saul.

I sent out my most successful Tweet ever last night.  After over 5 years on The Twitters and nearly 11K Tweets sent, here it is — the peak of my social media career: Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. #BetterCallSaul — Majewski Marketing

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Voicemail Makeover

Earlier this week I got an email from Elizabeth Hagen, asking when was the last time that I changed my outgoing voicemail message. The truth is that I hadn’t touched my voicemail greeting in a very long time.  Heck, I hadn’t even given

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Free Halloween Vectors!

It’s Halloween! I started doodling earlier today.  I doodle a lot, actually.  Naturally today, I’m doodling Halloween images, words, letters, and whatnot.  Today’s doodles turned out half-way not bad, so I thought I’d share them. Feel free to use them

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Testimonial – Graphic Design

Why good design matters: Tom’s marketing services have helped my business tremendously. Like most people in my industry, our “marketing program” consists of going door-to-door with flyers in neighborhoods where we work. Also, like many other landscaping firms, we were using

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Let’s Buy an Email List!

Or don’t.  Probably don’t. If you’re just starting up your email marketing program or are expanding into a new market, then perhaps you’re considering purchasing an email list.  And why not?  Purchasing mailing lists has a long tradition in marketing.

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Head Shots!

Last week I set up a “head shot station” at Social Media Breakfast. For those that aren’t yet initiated, SMB is a loose association of national “clubs,” that gets together to discuss different aspects of social media.  The Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter has

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July 2014 Newsletter

If you didn’t get a copy of the July 2014 email newsletter, you can view a copy here. In case you’re curious, it reached about 1500 inboxes and had a 35% open rate with 105 click-thrus.  Not bad! If you

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Lessons in Problem Solving from a 1-year old

Recently, we purchased one of those toys that are ubiquitous in every doctor’s and dentist’s waiting room.  It’s one of “bead mazes” with wooden blocks strung on wires.  Kids push the “chains” of wooden blocks in circles and loop-the-loops from

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