Head Shots!

Last week I set up a “head shot station” at Social Media Breakfast.

For those that aren’t yet initiated, SMB is a loose association of national “clubs,” that gets together to discuss different aspects of social media.  The Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter has the largest membership of any club in the country and has also been meeting the longest, with last week being meeting number 68!!.  Past topics at SMBMSP have included social media marketing, analytics, legal pitfalls, etc, etc.

headshots-screencapAt the SMBMSP event last month, Paul DeBettignies spoke about personal branding.  One of the points he stressed was how many people have poor or no photos on professional social networks such as Linkedin.  I thought to myself “Gee – that’s too bad…especially when it’s so easy to have a decent head shot!”  Of course, what I was forgetting was my background.  I started my career as a photographer.  Unfortunately, not everyone has that skill set in their tool box.

My next thought was, “I wish there was some way for everyone at SMB to get a quick easy head shot at the next event.”  If we only had access to a photographer… <insert forehead slap here>

I had a great morning at that breakfast event!  Definitely flashing back about 15 years to my time as a photog.  It was great meeting so many people personally!  It’s just too bad that the photo station proved to be so popular!  I could barely exchange two words with anyone before yelling, “NEXT!”

Did you have your headshot taken at SMBMSP68?  If so, grab your headshot here.  Missed the opportunity?  It was so popular, we’re going to do the head shots again!  Make sure to join email list to stay updated on the next free head shots event.


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