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What does social media marketing mean at MM+M?  LOTS!  Of course, it depends on what you’re looking to accomplish.  How about we start with engagement with your clients’ conversations, paying close attention to potential customer service issues, creating compelling content, targeted & effective paid ads, and of course, driving traffic to your site and events…

Social media works best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  It’s equal parts science and art, with a bit of malarky thrown in, some self-deprecating humor and showing your soft underbelly.  Sure, as a brand it’s got to be professional, but certain sites’ demeanors — such as Facebook — allow you to show your human side too.  Customers like to know that there’s a real person behind that well-crafted logo.

Let’s grab a coffee and get social IRL (in real life) and we’ll chat about how best to approach social media for you.





Background:  A small brewery in Duluth, Lake Superior Brewing was looking for a way to help engage with its growing fan base.

Small breweries such as this are at a huge disadvantage when communicating with their consumers as the vast majority of all point-of-purchase promotions are all run by the distributors.  Lake Superior wanted a simple and fun way to talk with its end consumers online.

Result:  2010 saw an over 400% growth of fans on the page.  Although the page had existed on Facebook since 2007, no one had used actively to promote the brand.  (Page management was transferred to LSB staff in 2011.)





Background:  The longest tenant in Southdale Mall was being forced out by management.  After viewing a KARE 11 report on the business, I created a Facebook as a way to coordinate and centralize public sentiment, which was already beginning to show on several other social media properties.


Result:  After 60 people “liked” the page on the first day, a KARE 11 reporter noticed the page and interviewed me at home.  When the story aired that same night, showing the “Save Ralph’s” page, likes went to 500 by the end of the day and 1,500 by the end of the week.




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