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Why good design matters:

Tom’s marketing services have helped my business tremendously.

Like most people in my industry, our “marketing program” consists of going door-to-door with flyers in neighborhoods where we work. Also, like many other landscaping firms, we were using a xeroxed half sheet of paper using clipart from Word.

Tom immediately saw the opportunity to make RLX stand out by using photographs and full-color printing.  He started by taking a series photos of us at work, including before-and-after shots.  Using those photos, he designed a beautiful, two-sided, 4×6-inch postcard, and had it printed on very substantial, thick card stock.

Since we started using this new piece, we’ve noticed a significant increase in response rates. If we canvassed 100 homes using our old flyer, we would expect two, maybe three phone calls. Using the collateral from Tom, that response rate has jumped to an average of 10 phone calls for every hundred flyers. That’s increase of 500%!!

We are booked a month out, and couldn’t be happier with the results!

RLX Land Care flyer

Recently I had the good fortune to work with another small business entrepreneur, Ralph Clayton.  Ralph owns and operates RLX Land Care, a landscaping and tree-trimming business.

Ralph loves working outdoors and says that he’s been climbing trees (“professionally,” he notes) since he was a teenager.  And it shows in his work.  Once he’s suited up in all his gear, he effortlessly shimmies up the tallest of trees.  I have a harder time getting up from my office chair, than Ralph does getting into a tree.  Once in the canopy, Ralph looks as comfortable as you or I would be in a cozy restaurant booth.  It’s quite the ballet of swinging from limb to limb, with pruning sheers in one hand, and a miniature chainsaw in the other.  It’s a true pleasure to watch a professional at work!

The next time your landscaping needs help, or need your trees trimmed back to keep them beautiful and healthy for decades to come, call RLX Land Care!


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